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Why MarketCloud?

Hybrid Solutions Market Cloud LTD (Official EU Partner for www.hybridsolutions.com) offers Tier-1 regulated brokers a fully managed and integrated trading Cloud-based solution in a FREE setup cost taking away the headache of managing servers or outsourcing integration to separate companies. This is exclusive to Tier-1 regulated brokers to ensure trust and reliability, making implementation easy and straightforward. Traders, IB's and MAM's will be able to use a single universal VertexFX Trading and MAM Terminals to log in to a wide band of its Tier-1 brokers and enjoy the VertexFX auto trading functionality with any broker or using the built-in Aggregator inside. Brokers who look for a total solution will find it in MarketCloud with its VertexFX backoffice, Universal Bridge with several Liquidity Providers inside and distributable Client terminals. Enhance your experience with the power of Hybrid Solutions Market Cloud LTD, the next generation of Online Trading.


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Want to see what VertexFX can do for you as a Forex trader? Trade with Tier-1 regulated brokers by any of VertexFX Desktop, iOS, Android, Web Trader Universal Terminals or API. Also, check out our extensive range of plugins (many of which are free) which will give you an idea of how VertexFX can work in the best way for profitable trading. All can be found on our vStore



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Want to see what VertexFX can do for you as a Money Manager? Manage your accounts who are connected to different Tier-1 brokers all from the Universal VertexFX ONE MAM Terminal.


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Let us introduce the VertexFX online trading platform to you, and show why this solution can expand your business channels, increase your value to traders and introduce functionality that will streamline your account management. Increase your business base with the power of Market Cloud and trade or clear with Tier-1 regulated brokers by VertexFX MAM/PAMM or Bridge Universal terminals.

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VertexFX Platform

VertexFX Trader is an online trading solution rather than simply a trading platform. It enables you to perform every strategy and fulfills all your requirements. It is supported by hundreds of third party plugins that have been developed by experienced and independent technology firms and individuals. Being an open source Solution allows almost every type of integration. Its API kit offers complete functionality, optimizes the platform structure and applies full integration to provide a fully professional setup.

For dealing rooms, VertexFX Trader has high back-end capabilities for professional accounts and IBs management. It offers an amazingly simple way to build accounts/IBs without the need for third party plugins enabling brokers to perform multiple changes, such as assigning spreads, instruments visibility, etc., for multiple accounts or IBs. The built in features make VertexFX Trader truly a unique multi-level management operation.

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